Love Loves to Love Love

Love. We’ve all felt it at some point, whether it be romantic, platonic or something else entirely. But what exactly is it? The answer to that question will be different for every single person on Earth. Some treat it with reckless abandon and some only use it when they’re certain they’ve found “the one”.

For some, love is holding hands and not caring what anyone else thinks; it’s walks on the beach and picnics at sunset; it’s a sense of warmth and comfort. However, for others, love is a reminder that no matter how great something seems, everything has its inevitable end; some see it as a sad reminder of past heartbreak and loneliness, something that does not exist and should be avoided at all costs.

Love reminds us that we’re all human. And as humans we crave attention, we want people to like us, to show us that they care and enjoy our company. Sure, some people may crave this attention more than others, but I believe that on some level, small or not, we all feel this desire to be loved by someone. You may want hordes of adoring fans, or you may want a friend, or simply someone to call yours.

It’s no secret that the majority of relationships end up going sour at some point. So what I want to know is, why do we all have this desire inside us? It’s quite a curious thing.

In most forms of media we see love portrayed in a positive light. There are countless songs reminding us how great love is, and an abundance of love stories in books, TV shows and films; all with their “happily ever after” endings. I believe that this is one of the major factors in our search for love. We see these stories and they make us feel happy, we want these couples to succeed because we want that to happen in our own lives.

So, even though we know most relationships won’t last, we hope that we will beat the odds. We hope that our love will prevail and that we will get our happily ever after.